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Currently Available Theses

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Estimation of Music Recording Quality to Predict Automatic Music Transcription Performance
Schwabe, M.; Hoffmann, T.; Murgul, S.; Heizmann, M.
2022. Smart Multimedia – Third International Conference, ICSM 2022, Marseille, France, August 25–27, 2022, Revised Selected Papers. Ed.: S. Berretti, 322–337, Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-031-22061-6_24
Dual Task Monophonic Singing Transcription
Schwabe, M.; Murgul, S.; Heizmann, M.
2022. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 70 (12), 1038–1047. doi:10.17743/jaes.2022.0040