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Overview of research areas


Optimal acquisition and processing of information is an essential issue in many industrial and scientific problems. Only if this premise is satisfied, the appropriate execution of automation tasks can be guaranteed. Also, many systems nowadays consist of distributed components, so that communication plays an equally important role.

At the Institute of Industrial Information Technology (IIIT), the complete information chain is considered - from the measurement and processing of signals to the control or decision making tasks. Based on the motivation of current technical problems from the areas of the automated visual inspection, image processing, autonomous vehicle guidance, analysis of acoustic signals and optimization of dynamic processes in vehicles, innovative methods and research approaches are developed and practically implemented.

The generation of signals and their processing plays also an important role for applications in the field of communication technology. This is particularly relevant in the area of Power Line Communication, which is utilized for digital information transmission in energy distribution networks.

Such industrial and commercial systems are described, modelled and designed at the IIIT. In many cases, our research projects are characterized by a cooperation with partners from the industry, particularly in the areas of automotive technology, instrumentation and automation, robotics, quality control and energy & data transmission.

The lectures offered by the IIIT provide the students with interdisciplinary knowledge, which nowadays is highly demanded by the industry. Our application-oriented projects give the students the opportunity to apply their knowledge into current research topics, and to get in touch with our partners from the industry and the academic sphere.

Main topics

  • Signal processing
    • Time-frequency-analysis, e.g. wavelets, wavelet packets
    • Non-stationary filtering
    • Correlation techniques
    • Digital filters
    • Parameter estimation techniques
    • Controller design and optimization
    • Fault analysis and exploitation of analytical redundancy
    • Mathematical modelling and identification of dynamical systems
  • Automotive Applications
    • Motor modelling
    • Motor management
    • Powertrain control
    • System architectures for drive-by-wire systems
    • Modelling and control of lateral vehicle dynamics
    • Distributed, discrete event systems
    • Modelling and analysis of distributed control systems
    • Diagnosis in distributed systems
    • Optimal control of distributed systems
    • Petri nets
    • Max-plus algebra
  • Integrated Systems of Signal Processing
    • Design of algorithms and microcomputer systems for signal processing in communications, measurement and control
    • System modelling and simulation
    • Prototyping on GPP and DSP platforms
    • HDL description
    • Synthesis and realization of dedicated systems on FPGAs and ASICs (also mixed-signal chips)
  • Powerline Communications
    • Channel and system modelling
    • Development of specific measurement methods and devices
    • New "last-mile" solutions for wired telecommunications
    • Future multimedia Internet access with high data rates (>1 Mbit/s) 
    • Powerline for high-speed indoor LANs
    • Powerline in automobiles
  • Image processing
    • Automated visual inspection
    • Quality assurance
    • Threat detection