Production metrology

  • type: lecture
  • semester: summer semester
  • place:

    see German website

  • time:

    see German website

  • lecturer:

    Prof. Michael Heizmann

  • exam:

    24.03.2023 oral examination

  • information:

    Examination dates by oral agreement

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Materials for the lecture

Materials for the lecture will be made available in ILIAS from the beginning of the course :

Magazine -> Organizational Units -> Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology -> SS 2022 -> Manufacturing Metrology SS22.

Access to the ILIAS course: see above

Recommended literature:

  • Production metrology in general and applications:
    • C. P. Keferstein, M. Marxer, C. Bach: Manufacturing metrology, 9th edition, Springer, 2017.
    • T. Pfeifer, R. Schmitt: Fertigungsmesstechnik, 3rd edition, Oldenbourg, 2010
    • F. Hüning: Sensors and sensor interfaces, De Gruyter, 2016.
    • E. Lemke: Production measurement technology, Vieweg, 1988
  • Fundamentals:
    • F. Puente León: Measurement technology, 11th edition, Springer, 2019
  • Automatic visual inspection:
    • J. Beyerer, F. Puente León, C. Frese: Automatic visual inspection, 2nd edition, Springer, 2016

Contents of the lecture

Production metrology plays an essential role in ensuring efficient industrial production. To a certain extent, it represents the sensory organs for quality assurance and automation technology and comprises all activities associated with measuring and testing.

The lecture teaches methods and implementations for measuring and testing in industrial practice. The focus is on geometric properties; most of the concepts presented can also be applied to other properties. Sensor systems for the measurement of geometric properties are presented and discussed with their characteristic properties.

The contents include in detail:

  • Basics of FMT
    • Basic terms, definitions
    • Dimensional standards
    • Measurement uncertainties
  • Measurement technology in operation and in the measuring room
    • Coordinate metrology
    • Form and position metrology
    • Surface and contour metrology
    • Comparators
    • Micro and nano metrology
    • Measuring rooms
  • Production-oriented measurement technology
    • Measuring equipment and gauges
    • Measuring devices
    • Measuring in the machine
    • Visual inspection
    • Statistical process control (SPC)
  • Optical/non-contact measuring methods
    • Integratable optical sensors
    • Stand-alone optical measuring systems
    • Optical 2.5D coordinate measuring technology
    • Optical 3D coordinate metrology
    • Computed tomography
  • Gauge management
    • Controlled inspection processes
    • Inspection planning

Information about the test

The examination in the winter semester 2022/2023 will take place on March 24th, 2023 as an oral examination at IIIT.

The performance review takes place in the form of a written examination of 90 minutes according to § 4 para. 2 no. 1 SPO Bachelor or Master. If there are less than 20 candidates, an oral examination of approx. 20 minutes can take place according to § 4 para. 2 no. 2 SPO Bachelor or Master. The module grade is the grade of the written or oral examination.



Further information

For further information, please contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Heizmann