Complexity in cooperative traffic situations: event discrete modelling for automatic vehicle guidance

  • contact:

    Daniel Leyer

  • funding:

    InnovationCampus Future Mobility (ICM)


Most traffic situations in Germany, especially in inner city traffic, are regulated by the German Traffic Laws. In situations that are not clearly regulated, for example at symmetrical narrow passages or at unregulated intersections, implicit communication is often used.

The aim of the project is to ensure the collision-free cooperation of automatic vehicles with other non-automatic road users without the need of active communication between the individual road users. The influencing factors required for the decision-making need to be detected and processed by the vehicle itself.

Based on previous work the human driver behaviour is translated into a formal descision making logic. The resulting models are translated into event-discrete simulation models, which are used to check and evaluate the individual model parameters. Different configuration can be tested using a freely configurable simulation environment and the use of real road map sections. Further the variation of different decision making parameters and their resulting influence on the overall traffic flow will be investigated.