Realization of Smart Grid applications using Powerline communication

  • contact:

    Oliver Opalko

  • project group:

    Power Line Communications (PLC)

The development of intelligent power grids, so-called smart grids, is indispensable for the forthcoming energy turnaround. Communication in power grids plays a fundamental role in the implementation of smart grids. The infrastructure of power supply lines in the low-voltage range is well suited for exchanging information, for example between the electrical substation and the energy meters.

Since the properties of power cables are not optimized for data transmission, the transmission channel varies greatly over time and is location-dependent. In addition, the lines radiate part of the signal energy. This means not only additional signal attenuation, but also interference to radio services.




Frequency bands are rigidly licensed for exclusive use, yet a significant portion of the licensed frequency ranges is unused. Cognitive methods should recognize these areas so that powerline communication can always take place without interference. A Software Defined Radio (SDR) is particularly well suited for investigations, because it allows the fast and easy development of adaptive real-time communication systems.

The goal of this project is to prove that a PLC system based on cognitive approaches does not interfere with the licensed radio range.