Institute of Industrial Information Technology

Automated visual inspection and image processing

Image processing is a powerful tool for the analysis and processing of information captured in an image by a camera. One important application of image processing is the “Automated Visual Inspection”, which plays a fundamental role in many quality control systems of industrial processes. Automated visual inspection yields results characterized by high precision, repeatability and speed. Its techniques are successfully applied to detect and classify defects in different types of products, such as painted and varnished surfaces and honed surfaces, among others. Some of our current projects are:

  • Automated evaluation of honed cylinder bores
  • Automated visual inspection of wooden materials
  • Measurement of shot peened surfaces



The goal of the research group focuses on following topics:

  • Development of novel methods and devices for automatic visual inspection of technical surfaces
  • Transfer of know-how from research to practice
  • Prototyping and integration of inspection systems in industry