M.Sc. Julia Hartung

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    76187 Karlsruhe


Machine Learning for Camera-Based Monitoring of Laser Welding Processes. PhD dissertation
Hartung, J.
2023, October 26. Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT). doi:10.5445/IR/1000163340
Machine learning based geometry reconstruction for quality control of laser welding processes
Hartung, J.; Jahn, A.; Heizmann, M.
2023. tm - Technisches Messen, 90 (7-8), 512–521. doi:10.1515/teme-2023-0006
Quality control of laser welds based on the weld surface and the weld profile
Hartung, J.; Jahn, A.; Heizmann, M.
2022. Forum Bildverarbeitung 2022. Ed.: T. Längle, 61–72, KIT Scientific Publishing
Analysis of AI-Based Single-View 3D Reconstruction Methods for an Industrial Application
Hartung, J.; Dold, P. M.; Jahn, A.; Heizmann, M.
2022. Sensors, 22 (17), Art.Nr. 6425. doi:10.3390/s22176425
Camera-based in-process quality measurement of hairpin welding
Hartung, J.; Jahn, A.; Bocksrocker, O.; Heizmann, M.
2021. Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 11 (21), Art.Nr. 10375. doi:10.3390/app112110375
Camera-based spatter detection in laser welding with a deep learning approach
Hartung, J.; Jahn, A.; Stambke, M.; Wehner, O.; Thieringer, R.; Heizmann, M.
2020. Forum Bildverarbeitung 2020. Ed.: T. Längle ; M. Heizmann, KIT Scientific Publishing