Gaze Estimation in Agile Production Systems

Project Description

For more details about the project, please visit the German version of this website.

In the field of agile production systems, the cooperation between man and machine plays an important role. In the interdisciplinary project AgiProbot, funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation, the practical example of remanufacturing under uncertain product specifications is to be investigated. This scenario involves robots that learn from and cooperate with humans.

In this context, the estimated direction of gaze should serve as an input parameter for "programming by demonstration" and thus be part of the transfer of human expert knowledge to human-robot systems. In particular, the direction of gaze is an indicator for human learning and problem-solving strategies.

The objective is therefore to determine the focus of gaze with the best possible accuracy within the reaching distance of an observed human under the following challenges in particular:

  • The observed human does not wear any sensors or markers.
  • The observed human works within an agile production system.