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The optimal acquisition and processing of information is an essential component of many industrial and scientific tasks, as only in this way can a situation-specific execution of complex automation tasks be guaranteed. Since nowadays many systems consist of distributed components, communication plays an equally important role.

At the Institute of Industrial Information Technology (IIIT), the complete information chain is considered - from measurement technology and signal processing to control and decision making. On the basis of current tasks, e.g. in the fields of automatic visual inspection and image processing, innovative methods are researched and solutions are implemented in practice.

Our courses provide students with cross-technological knowledge, which is in demand from traditional industrial companies as well as from information service providers. Our application-oriented projects offer students the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge in current research topics in the context of diverse, interesting diploma theses and student research projects and to get in contact with our partners from industry and research.

OCM 2021
OCM 2021

On March 17 and 18, 2021, the International Conference on Optical Characterization of Materials will take place for the fifth time in Karlsruhe. We will present our paper "Generation of artificial training data for spectral unmixing by modelling spectral variability using Gaussian random variables".

IIIT multispectral light field dataset
IEEE Access Paper, dataset and framework

We are pleased that our paper "A Multispectral Light Field Dataset and Framework for Light Field Deep Learning" has been accepted for publication in the Open-Access Journal IEEE Access. In addition to the paper we are also publishing a new multispectral light field dataset and a Python framework for light field deep learning.

ISETC 2020 Paper accepted

Our paper "Advanced Quantization Methods for CNNs" was accepted for the International Symposium on Electronics and Telecommunications (ISETC) 2020! The conference will be held online this year. Our paper will be presented there in early November.

Forum Bildverarbeitung
Forum Image Processing 2020 Paper accepted

Our paper "Semantic segmentation of armature components of electric motors" was accepted at this year's Image Processing Forum! The conference will be held online this year. Our paper will be presented there at the end of November.

ACCV 2020 paper accepted

Our paper "A Calibration Method for the Generalized Imaging Model with Uncertain Calibration Target Coordinates" was accepted for the Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV 2020)! The conference will be held online like most of the conferences this year. Our paper presentation will be available there in early December.

Dr. Bergs und Prof. Heizmann
Doctorate Dr. Bergs

We congratulate Christoph Bergs on the successful completion of his doctoral thesis with the topic "Multi-Fidelity Modeling of Dynamic Systems for Operation-Parallel Simulation". Congratulations!

DWT of the IIIT
EUSIPCO 2020 paper accepted

We are pleased to announce that our paper "Signal-Adapted Analytic Wavelet Packets in Arbitrary Dimensions" has been accepted for the Eusipco 2020! The corresponding Matlab Framework is already publicly available. See you in January 2021 in Amsterdam!

Internship in the USA

For the summer semester 2021 there are vacancies for an internship at Hitachi in Detroit, USA.

Additional Information

Prof. Puente deceased

We mourn the loss of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fernando Puente León, who passed away unexpectedly for us on July 1, 2020.

Prof. Puente León has been head of the IIIT since 2008 and during this time has had a significant impact on the IIIT. Under his leadership, numerous research projects and doctoral theses in a wide range of topics in signal and image processing, metrology and human-machine interaction were carried out. In teaching at the KIT Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology he was responsible for several courses, among others "Signals and Systems" and "Measurement Technology". Beyond the KIT, he enjoyed an excellent reputation as a committed scientist, for example as editor of the journal "tm - Technisches Messen" and as author of several technical and textbooks.

We are dismayed by his death and will miss him. We will always remember him with his expertise and commitment, but also as a personal companion. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family.

The staff of the IIIT